Diet & Acne

The idea that acne can be brought on by an unhealthy diet has been debated for years. While many Dermatologists still believe this to be true, another view is emerging.

Could something in the modern diet be the culprit? Some say yes, because eating the wrong things can let loose the wrong kind of hormones. These hormones activate the oil glands in your face. High levels of hormones are present in cows milk, since most dairy cattle are pregnant. The idea that milk is an essential part of everyone's diet is probably wrong. You can easily get your calcium, vitamin D and protein from other foods, or from supplements. It may take 6 months off all dairy products before any improvement can be seen, but about 1 in 3 say this helps their acne quite a bit.

Another theory blames sugar and excess carbohydrates. These push your body to pump out insulin, which can throw off other hormones as a result. Some overweight women with acne have hormone imbalances and excess insulin. In these women bringing the insulin level down corrects the hormone levels and acne. While there is no proof sugar and carbohydrates are important in most cases of acne, there is also no doubt sugar and excessive carbohydrates are not good for you. Eating healthy foods is a good idea for acne sufferers.

There are still others who blame particular foods for their acne. Chocolate and nuts are commonly mentioned. The importance of diet may vary between individuals, but the idea that diet plays no role in acne is probably on the way out.
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